Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When will the chewing stop?

He's driving me nuts. Phone cords (I know, who the hell still has a phone with a cord), power cords, briefcases, the dog bowl, dog toys, baby toys commandeered by the dog and recommandeered by E upon rediscovery, rubberbands, Tums containers, stray utensils, Microeconomics by Pindyck, clothes, the dog's ear, the vacuum, shoes, toes, homework ("I'm sorry but my baby ate your homework, class"), laptops, dog beds, dvd cases, kitchen tiles, napkins, the television, furniture, the dog's stick, the side of the kiddie pool, grass, and, of course, SAND.

Do you know how bad it is that when you have your friend watch you child, you have to apologize in advance that your son will probably spend the better part of the morning chewing on the legs of her dining room table.

He's not all bad. I should be happy because he did watch about 10 minutes of the Roberts confirmation hearing today and yelled at Ted Kennedy. I was so proud.

But the chewing has to stop. Ever mindful that the baby is frighteningly like the dog (the dog that was included in the "for better or worse," I asked Derek about the similarities.

K: So how long did the dog chew on everything when he was a puppy?
D: Until he was about 6 months old. I saw a marked drop in the chewing between 6 and 12 months.
K: So there is hope for us?
D: Well, in the people/dog years conversion, that means E's chewing should start to wind down at around 3 1/2.
K: Shit.


PBS said...

Ha ha, that's so cute! I know I spend many years apologizing in advance for my son--and not just for chewing! Good luck!

momma of 2 said...

LOl - only 3 1/2 years -.... Good luck!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

3 1/2 years??? Yikes!

Marel Lecone said...

Well, let's just hope that Derek isn't right about everything. :)

steelcowboy said...

I'm laugh.. I mean, that's NOT funny..

J.P. said...

Has E had anything to add when Joe Biden is on?

amy said...

He yelled at Teddy! How sweet!

Random Vixen said...

They chewing's going to happen at least the next 6 months, which then becomes licking and mouthing everything. Yeah its gross, and babies will eat dirt.

vani said...

get him some chewing toys! lol even though they don't really work even in the teething stages..hehe

Kristen said...

PBS--you have to keep apologizing for them? No one told me that.

Momma--I'll need all the luck I can get. Thanks.

Stacy--would you even bother to get up in the morning if you had that ahead of you?

Marelle--you know he is always right on the big ticket items

Steel--yeah, yeah, yeah

JP--I didn't want to torture the kid!!! Ted was bad enough.

Amy--what do you think he would do if he knew a 7 month old was heckling him

RV--this is so not good

Vani--we are trying chew toys but they aren't as interesting as furniture legs.

Jaime said...

That means E only has 3 years to go! ;)
What you described sounds a hell of a lot like Manny. Hrmm. I can't handle two chewers! The dog is driving me absolutely batty chewing all the things you described and more... I can't believe next year Rylee will be doing the same thing.
Thank god I have you for the heads up. :) (Although I must say I was quite encouraged with Derek saying the dog got better at 6 months... I'm almost there!)