Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is it so difficult to be a weather man?

Or weather woman, depending on your current situation.

I swear (and you cannot make this crap up) the weather report for Thursday into Friday is either rain or 6 inches of snow. Not, say, 2 to 4 inches as opposed to 3 to 5 inches. Either RAIN or a BLIZZARD for December in our town.

WTH??? FTLOGAC, you get paid to give people a head's up on the weather. If this is how it is going to be, then I think I would prefer watching my weatherman wearing a turban on his head and looking into a crystal ball like a carnival psychic. Don't be wasting my time with all your advanced degrees in snowology, Doppler radar and computer-generated storm tracking.

I would just like to know if I am going to be drinking a cocktail drink in Miami in time for happy hour on Friday or if I will be stuck waiting in the "Holy-Shit-Someone-Across-Town-Saw-A-Snowflake-So-We-Are-Going-To-Shut-the-Whole-Airport-Down-Until-Spring-Arrives-Airport."