Thursday, April 28, 2005

ELT's Passport photo. We should have used one of the crying pictures, because that's how he'll probably be after a 10 hour flight. Posted by Hello

one man's brilliance

I'll have to say that my husband has always astounded me with his knowledge and intelligence. I remember sitting in law school, listening to him tell the aged professors that they were wrong about some arbitrary legal theory. Back then he was just the blond guy at the end of the row that used to lean back when I walked by in order to cop a cheap feel. I usually agreed with him, but it was certainly never anything I could have come up with off the cuff.

But he has taken to new levels.

Today he came home from the podiatrist's office with a doctor's note saying he could not, and I quote, "mow the lawn." That's right. I was breathless. The brilliance of it practically took me off me feet.

So there I was, mowing the lawn tonight.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Giddy from the silence

Everyone is in bed. Even the damn dog. Everyone except me.

Today was one of those days that Ethan kept "eh, eh, eh"-ing and I couldn't get anything done. A little research on the computer and a trip to the post office to get a box application for the new business and two passport apps--a new passport for Ethan and a renewal for me. That's it.

Not too efficient a day since I then had to turn 8 lbs. of tomatoes into "gravy" and I was still at it at 9:45 pm. Not to mention the two loads of laundry. I think I would have an easier time explaining to Derek how I can't get anything done with this monster around that we have recently acquired if I didn't have this little sunburn that I got from being outside for two hours. Ooops.

Did I mention that I have the cutest baby in the world? And not even in that "mom" kind of way that every baby is so beautiful. Sure he crapped on me. Twice. And did I mention that he saturated me with urine as well? It's OK, because I have tons of clothes that fit my fat ass these days. About that laundry...

But now he looks like a cherub and I take back all the evil things I said (during the first and second crapping incidents).

You know you are a bad dog owner when ...

There was a little incident with Zinni yesterday for which I am probably going to Dog Owner's Hell.

We had to take an unexpected 1 1/2 hour car ride yesterday and in order for ALL of us to go, we had to take the sedan. Derek wasn't giving his seat up beside the baby and Ethan was in the middle of the seat. The other side of the car seat is very small.

You got it. Zinni got to sit in the front seat beside me.

So he is moaning and groaning and turning around and around to get comfortable. The day was a gorgeous 70 degrees and grant it, he was in the sun but it wasn't so bad, even for a black dog. All the while I am CHEWING his ass out because I will not be mouthed off to by a DOG, for God's sake.

Derek was laughing in the back seat, and I was getting more and more bitter. He was probably right. I should have gotten the Volvo station wagon and then Zinni could have had his own spot. I just couldn't do it. To me, getting a station wagon would be the equivalent to sending up the white flag.

In his squirming, Zinni pushed the button that released the headrests in the back seat.

BAM!! Poor Derek.

In my ranting, I looked down and there it was highlighted. Zinni's seat warmer was on High.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Cookie and E on the steps at Gram's house (Pop is rolling in his grave if he can see this lawn) Posted by Hello

Some parking spots have better views than others (Lancaster, PA 4/24/2005) Posted by Hello

Marmie made me wear this coat Posted by Hello