Sunday, April 23, 2006

All good things must come to an end

Just kidding.

I'm moving on. To bigger and better things. If you have wondered where I have been for the last week, I decided a week ago to start a business. You can find it a Too bad none of you readers are pregnant. But if you know any pregnant people, send them my way. As for the blog, I'm at Because Mommy really needs a cocktail...

Here's one of my shirts. I hear Katie is ready to lose all of her fake pregnancy weight now.

If you could HASU (hook a sista' up), please link Baby Brewing on your blog pages. Every link helps put me on the Google map. As soon as I rob a bank, I'll start making blogging t-shirts for all those of you who are smart enough to NOT be pregnant. Lots of love and hope to see you over a Leave lots of comments so people get the wrong impression--that I am actually readable.