Friday, February 24, 2006

A solution only a man could come up with

There are many a discussion these days regarding what to do with The Boy, specifically how the hell to get him back in HIS bed before I kill him. We crossed some line and now the crib is viewed as a torture chamber into which babies are thrown by mothers that are only seeking to desert their children in order to go downstairs and eat Cheerios and climb on the dog. That must be what we are doing because what is better than feeding the dog Cheerios while playing king of the mountain? Even walking within 3 feet of the crib causes unabashed wailing and hysteria.

So my sister suggested that we just put a mattress on the floor, babyproof his room, gate the door and let him have at it. She also suggested that maybe if the kid was sleeping on a pillowtop mattress with 600 thread count sheets of his own he might stop jones-ing for mine.

I made mention of this to my husband. He immediately suggest the race car toddler bed at Ikea. The kid is a year old. Who the hell is the race car bed for? Really? We also discussed how we might be able to keep him from falling out, if only to keep his sleep uninterrupted so that the rest of us could make a valid attempt at making it until morning without being BOTHERED (and that really is the only way to explain it) by the child that ALREADY bothers for 16 hours a day.

K: Maybe we could just put one of those bed rails by the mattress on the floor so if he rolls against it, he might stay asleep.
D: You know what he really needs. One of those dog beds with the foam sides on it.
K: You didn't just suggest that your child sleep in a dog bed, did you?


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Email I received this morning regarding the behavior of my dog while I was off being tortured

so i'm up early this morning, buzzing around, trying to put the house together in a vain attempt at achieving a peaceful existence over here, and it dawns on me that zinni is nowhere to be found. figuring it would be just my luck for zinni to be lying dead in the middle of the road directly in front of my house, i check the street, but thank god, no zinni. then i check all the usual places--the piles of laundry in the basement, my lovely creamy white sofa, the lush (formerly cream) shag rug--alas, no dog. then i hear a little puppy sigh of bliss which sounds like it could be coming from upstairs. i search the piles of laundry in various rooms, and alas no dog. where could this 100 pounds of soft, wispy black hair be hiding, for god's sake? i crack open the door of my bedroom, squint in the darkness to see madeleine and...what???? the ever so comfy, ever so snuggly, zinni, who is practically UNDER the lovely yellow down covers, deep in the sleep of toddlers on their way home from disney world. evidentally everyone on the planet--including small children and large black dogs--prefers 400 thread count sheets.honestly, guys, he looked like a goddamn william wegman portrait. maybe zinni needs an agent. i guess he must have figured after days of being subject to the drama world of madeleine where she makes kubrik look like a cake walk, he can sleep anywhere he damn well pleases.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


It's finally over. Hopefully forever. I'm back at home, in bed, thinking that a Valium would sound good right about now. Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. They were greatly appreciated and I think they did the trick.

During the test today I drafted several posts in my head, to include "Why Do We Have To Be Such A Butt Ugly Occupation?" and "That Hair Style Went Out With Working Girl And Why Do You All Insist On Keeping It Alive" and finally "Who Picked Out Your Clothes This Morning?" The last is certainly the one for which I am the biggest hypocrite because as I was drafting the post this morning in between question 47 on easement appurtenants and question 48 on depraved heart murder, I looked down and realized what EXACTLY I was wearing. Recycled from yesterday (except for a new shirt and new underwear, and maybe new socks but I'm not so sure), I realized that the jacket I had pulled from the closet to go with my black pants was actually my NAVY jacket. Did I mention I was wearing a chocolate brown sweater? And I had a broken heal on my boot?

Cookie is so wrong. On so many levels.

I'll be selling the t-shirts soon. Stand by.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You LOVE me! You really DO!!

As overheard getting out of the car this morning:

K: Buddy, if God loves me, this morning I'll get a wills question involving testamentary capacity.

It was the 2nd question. Not only did I nail it, I wrote a treatise that would make a hornbook look trivial.

What more does a girl need? 8 hours down, 8 to go... Keep praying. He is clearly listening.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Redefining the term "fun"

So we swung by the scene of the crime this evening when we strolled into the sleepy little town that will make or break 700 lives by the close of business Wednesday. Up, up, up the escalator. Nice airy ballroom. With a dance floor that has probably seen the "Chicken Dance" at one too many weddings.

D: Let's go down the elevator.

You know how you know in the pit of your stomach that something is a bad idea? But you just ignore it?

We walked into the elevator already occupied by two blondes.

B#1 to B#2: I already passed (insert embarrassingly easy/lame/communist adjoining state) bar so I'm just taking this for fun.

Colonoscopy fun? Root canal fun? Passing a 15-INCH-HEAD OUT OF YOUR VAGINA fun?

Derek slowly moved in between me and B#1. I guess he didn't think he had enough cash to get me out on bond before tomorrow morning.