Saturday, November 12, 2005

If we have another beer, how are we going to get back to the hotel?

When we got home last night after the hopping rehearsal dinner (where I was referred to as "Photographer" all night by the drunk aunts and cousins of the groom), we discovered that the Boo had a less than stellar night with Marmie. I guess he wailed like a banshee when it came time to call it a night.

This was the first time he had really been left with anyone else since he started this whole "I-want-my-mom-no-I-mean-dad-did-I-say-dad-'cause-I-meant-mom-or-was-it-dad" stage. We were crowded in my hotel office-aka the bathroom, discussing this grave issue when we switched over to discuss the wedding day events.

I mentioned to my mother that I had wedding-related responsibilities at 11, 1, 3:30, and 4. When I noted that we were supposed to get dressed at 1 and the wedding was at 3:30, this may have come out of Marmie's mouth.

"Ah, Kristen, I'm going to guess that you are the only bridesmaid that has been carrying her dress around all week in a ziploc bag."

Don't you just love velvet?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Anyone know why we were late to dinner at our friend's house today?

Because we had to stop at 2 East Main Street to find out how much the church was on the market for. For what, you ask?

D: There's our brew pub.
K: No way. You think the church is zoned to be turned into a brew pub?
D: Maybe.
K: What if they don't want us selling beer in a church?
D: We could have "Communion Hour" in lieu of happy hour. Half-price specials.
K: That is so wrong, on so many levels.
D: But there is no parking. We'd have to work out a deal with the church next door to park in their lot.
K: Oh, that's gonna happen.

But a bloody brilliant idea. I'm pissed he came up with it instead of me.

It was only $299,000. I'm thinking we could just live in it if the whole brewery thing doesn't work out (humming "nearer my Lord to thee).