Thursday, September 15, 2005

Male logic

I have taken lots of hits over the years for my inability to obtain a logical conclusion to any process. "Just because" suits me just fine. I don't need to really, really understand why something should naturally occur as a result of action A. When I decided to go to law school and was getting ready for the LSAT, I realized to my dismay that the entire test is a logic test. My ex-boyfriend, with whom I was still speaking, thought it was just HILARIOUS that I was going to do this.

"How exactly does a person void of logic take a logic test?" said he.

Well, I learned how to come up with the right answer by studying the patterns of the questions. I have absolutely no idea Betty seat should be next if Billy, Susie and Tom are seated first. I just figured it out somehow.

So after all these years of getting crap, I am at a loss for how male logic, or lack thereof, is more logical.

Matt called the other day to tell us that he will drop Zinni's sister Blue off on Thursday night so we can watch her while he goes on vacation to Colorado and Wyoming for a long weekend. Remember Matt? When I asked what his plans were for his trip, he mentioned that he was going to run a half marathon with some of his friends. He also mentioned that he anticipated that this may prove difficult since he tore his Achilles tendon a few weeks ago.

K: Excuse me? You tore your Achilles tendon?
M: Yeah, it's been kind of hard to train.
K: You think? And you are going to run a half marathon on it now?
M: I have to.
K: (thinking all men truly are morons) And why do you have to?
M: I have to cause I paid $40 for the race.
K: Are you an idiot? You are going to run with this injury because you paid $40? I've seen you have bigger bar bills. Do you need the $40? Do you want me to write you a check for $40 cause you need the money that bad?
M: Nah, that's alright.
K: So you are going to risk doing long term damage to your foot by running 13 1/2 miles on it because you paid $40?
M: Yep.

Thanks for reminding me that all men are exactly the same person.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That's hilarious!

The Peanut King swears I have no common sense...and it drives me crazy!

(Especially coming from a man who has actually jumped into a lake after wounding an alligator to try and "kick it up off the bottom"!)

Hey, I think you just inspired my next blog entry! Thanks! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes, all men are the same hubby will eat something that is out of date becasue we paid for time when our milk went bad I told him he had better drink so our money isnt wasted...he gave it to the cat:)

amy said...

Uh yeah. So many things to say on this one. I'm pretty logical myself, and my husband did take the LSAT and is in law school. But for all of his "logic," there is still a big part of him that makes ZERO sense whatsoever. I'm about to jump on the "just because" bandwagon to make my own life easier.

Hilarious, as always, K.

momma of 2 said...

So it isn't just the men in my life that do things like this? How wonderful to there hope for my 5 year old son? or will he grow up to have "man logic" too?

vani said...

LOL- omg too funny. The hell with the 40 bucks...he'll have to pay more in the long run just to recover, but who the heck are we to say something right? Is is lack of logic or just plain stupidity? lol

Marel Lecone said...

Well, he did pay the $40 . . . heehee . . . see, sometimes, I can be the man figure in the situation. :)

Robin said...

Men are idiots.

Martin said...

This kind of going overboard to save small amounts of money is true of nearly all men. I remember very recently tearing over to Leicester (oh heck, I'm talking to Americans here. Erm, about thirty miles away?) to return a library book and save myself a fine of 40p.

It's pride, of course. Your friend wants to brave it because he doesn't want a measly torn Achilles, and I hadn't had a fine at the library and was damned if I was going to start then.

Kick him, I say. And me, while you're at it.

J.P. said...


Why is Betty seated next if Billy, Susie, and Tom are first? That’s the real issue here.

Kristen said...

Stacy--tell me you have that story on film...

Christina--I would have paid $10 to watch him drink that milk.

Amy--Thanks. And just because works just fine.

Momma--I didn't even think of the ramifications that this could pass to my son. Oh dear.

Vani--I mentioned this to him yet again last night and he didn't care.

Marelle--you would spend $100 in gas to use that $40. You are a man, not a woman sometimes.

Robin--ain't it the truth?

Martin--the county has a warrant for my arrest for overdue books.

JP--I don't even know why Betty is next. I don't know how I got this far in life so far.

Jaime said...

"Matt" is clearly code word for "Shawn". You're right... they are all EXACTLY the same.