Monday, June 13, 2005

I didn't know how retro I was

until I got to B's house this weekend. We decided earlier last week that we would go up to Jersey for the weekend so her mom Gail could meet the baby and we could sneak across the river and get dinner at Tang while she babysat.

So we showed up late on Friday night. As is par for the course, E is a little cherub until 10 minutes before we get there. No complaints here since I wanted to cry about 3 hours earlier.

I took him into the house where B, Gail and Aunt Margie were waiting oh so patiently to snatch him from my hands.

KH: I'd better feed him first and then you guys can have him (whipping out the boo).
G: Whatcha doing?
KH: Feeding him.
G: That way?
KH: Uh, yeah.

She is staring a hole through my chest, like I am performing some alien ritual.

G: Does it hurt?
KH: NO, it doesn't hurt. Haven't you people in Jersey ever seen someone breast feed?
G: Oh, NO.
KH to B: Is she serious?
B: Yeah.

The whole weekend she was fasinated every time I fed the baby. Incredulous, even. Coming from the world of people that believe in breastfeeding until the child goes to middle school (not me, don't worry), this is very new for me and I kinda egged her on a little.

Those people from Jersey...


Marel Lecone said...

LOVE GAIL! Too funny! Glad to see you back, Girlie!

jen said...

oh dear god, she would have a heart attack at the house of open boo worship.