Sunday, May 29, 2005

Fence post holes and how to get out of work on holidays

We have a little problem with Zinni. He has decided that he would rather be anywhere but here. By nature Labs are not very loyal dogs to begin with because they will go with any person who says "good dog" and who will give them steak. Or treats. Or scraps of year-old crackers on the floor that made their way behind appliances but somehow are still able to be retrieved by the retriever. Or poop in the yard that may even be his. He's a whore. There are no two ways about it.

So he has now become the wandering dog. A little rattle of the gate and he is out. So Derek has decided that a 6 foot gate on each side of the house will solve our little "free bird" problem. Somehow the high fence on the front is going to fix this problem.

Like anything done by Derek, this front fence is being done right and will be able to withstand Cat 5 hurricane force winds. I haven't brought it to his attention that the dog can take the 4 foot high surrounding fence without even a whimper. Whatever. So not my problem.

So yesterday we spent the lovely day sinking posts. OK, Derek spent the day sinking posts. I may have had a 2 hour nap on the couch, but I can neither confirm or deny that information. Anyway, he was ready to throw in the towel when I came crawling outside.

KH: Come on, I'll dig the hole for the last post.
DT: Are you sure?
KH: Of course, baby. I should contribute.

Two inches into the hole and I hit concrete. But I don't do concrete. I would love to be an asset in this project but I don't do concrete.

KH: OK, I'll hold the baby and you just get the concrete up. Then I'll dig the rest. I promise.

When I turned back around 10 minutes later, the hole was two feet deep and the 2X4 was already in it.

I'll see your podiatrist's note and raise you with a fence post. Touche.

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