Sunday, March 26, 2006

"Oh, what a beautiful mornin', Oh, what a beautiful day."

No more stomach flu for the Boo.

Chocolate Mint Brownies.

I was told by a 15 year old girl that my jeans were "cool."

George Mason 86, U. Conn. 84.

Did you say Georgetown? Nope.
Did you say George Washington? Nope.

George Mason? Who/Where the hell is George Mason?

"I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'rything's going my way."


amy said...

So freaking excited about GMU!!!! What a great welcome-back-to-CT present!!! WOOO HOOO!

P.S. - Happy to hear about no more flu for Boo, too!

Fantastagirl said...

Yea no more flu!

AL said...

Glad you are feeling better. George Mason is up your way . . . I bet there are a lot of happy people right now, huh?!?!?!

missbhavens said...

My 5th grade math teacher was named George Mason...did he have a school named after him? He was a pretty good teacher. I'm glad he's getting the respect he deserves.