Monday, March 20, 2006

It's about time he contributed something other than lack of sleep or quiet

He has been sucking us dry. Some of us, literally, some figuratively. Let's be honest. That apple sauce, yoBaby yogurt and organic plums will hit you in the wallet. I mean, the kid must be costing us $ 10-12 dollars a week.

But it appears he has found a potential financial contribution to this family. You know when you go to IKEA and you get to the kitchen section and there, enclosed in the plexiglass is the machine opening and closing the cabinet door 37,234 times to show you how durable IKEA cabinets are? What do you think it is costing to run the electric to that thing day in and day out? I'm thinking renting the kid would be cheaper for them and would contribute to the family financial coffers.

His lastest thing is the endless pushing of the door open/close button on the X-Box. Open, close, open, cl, ope, close, open, clo. For hours. This does not bother me in the least because frankly, for years, I have been an XBox widow. All those nights I was cold in my bed, alone, listening to the sounds of Interactive Halo 2...

"I killed you!!"
"Hey, I gotta go. My mom said dinner is ready."

The loss of XBox for me would be like my loss of my birth control pills for, say, my husband. I can hear him now. "Too bad, so sad, come on over, come on over, Baaaaby!"

I wonder if IKEA would pay him by the push?


Fantastagirl said...

LOL...Probably not - child labor laws could get in the way.

PBS said...

Ha ha, extra income from both of them! Very creative.

amy said...

Well there is also the possibility of him testing out those Poang chairs ... he could probably jump on those for DAYS and not get tired. You should really approach the IKEA corporation about that. Good thinking!

Mike said...

Just type up a contract for 10 or 12 bucks. What company wouldn't do that? You'd get your money back anyway, right?

AL said...

That is a smart idea!