Monday, February 20, 2006

Redefining the term "fun"

So we swung by the scene of the crime this evening when we strolled into the sleepy little town that will make or break 700 lives by the close of business Wednesday. Up, up, up the escalator. Nice airy ballroom. With a dance floor that has probably seen the "Chicken Dance" at one too many weddings.

D: Let's go down the elevator.

You know how you know in the pit of your stomach that something is a bad idea? But you just ignore it?

We walked into the elevator already occupied by two blondes.

B#1 to B#2: I already passed (insert embarrassingly easy/lame/communist adjoining state) bar so I'm just taking this for fun.

Colonoscopy fun? Root canal fun? Passing a 15-INCH-HEAD OUT OF YOUR VAGINA fun?

Derek slowly moved in between me and B#1. I guess he didn't think he had enough cash to get me out on bond before tomorrow morning.


momma of 2 said...

You know you've got a smart man there for a hubby... Consider her b*tched slapped though okay?

amy said...

She was probably just confused on what the bar was ... I mean, she IS blonde! (And yes, I'm a blonde demeaning a blonde ... it happens)

amy said...

Besides, who takes bar exams for FUN!?

Martin said...

It wasn't Reese Witherspoon, was it?

ysjl said...

what some people will do to not live in the same state as their siblings. why didn't you tell me this before????? why have we been enduring this torture when you could just f-ing move across the state line into a mcmansion that would have enough cupboard space for every last one of your g-damn kitchen appliances.

i am blowing out the saint candle right now.

missbhavens said...

Blecchhh...that's just tasteless.

I wish you'd have kicked her.

Jaime said...

Tell me he atleast let you trip her on the way out of the elevator?