Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lawyers are viciously superstitious

My husband would disagree with me, because he is not superstitious, but he's an economist in lawyer's clothing.

Ask Bob if he is superstitious. He is sitting in the exact same study booth that he has been sitting at for the last 4 days. Bob is studying for the CA bar. This is his second time, actually second bar (he clarifies) so he is feeling OK. I tell him that it is my second time, SAME bar and that I too am confident.

As long as I have Elvis. This morning I drove frantically, cutting off school buses and old ladies. What would happen if I got to the library and someone was sitting with Elvis? I only have $3. Would you get up and move if a strange woman with a glazed look gave you her forlorn tale of missed opportunities and superstitions? For $3? I got lucky today and was not faced with this dilemma. But there is always tomorrow.

Nobody hassles Jeter for tugging on his shirt one last time before stepping into the batter's box. I feel like I should pull a Sosa and kiss the tips of my index and middle fingers twice and then plant them on the tacky gold ode to Elvis at the top of my study booth. Would it help?

Does Elvis care? If someone else sits in my chair? After 9 weeks of studying, am I really going to forget everything if I can't spend the day with Elvis?

You betcha.


amy said...

I'm with you on the superstition. Sometimes you just want to be in the same spot everyday ... it's comfortable, familiar, and helps you focus. And good luck!

momma of 2 said...

Whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. Because whenever you are comfortable then you can concentrate - you'll do great!

Martin said...

Why haven't you got a picture yet though, eh?

Jaime said...

Definitely offer up the $3 if you have to. ;)
Then again, I'm superstitious.