Friday, February 17, 2006

It's his sensitivity that I love the most

I came home from the library yesterday and confessed to Derek that I had contemplated throwing myself into traffic yesterday.

D: Well, that’s stupid.
K: Why?
D: You are still taking that test. Even if you broke your leg, I would carry you into that room because you are taking that test.
K: You and what army?
D: Very funny.
K: Do you know why I didn’t throw myself in front of traffic?
D: Tell me.
K: I knew that if I threw myself into traffic, everyone would know that I did it because I didn’t want to take the bar exam. No one would think, “oh, poor Kristen got hit by a truck.” Just, “I can’t believe she got hit by a truck just to get out of taking that damn test.”
D: Can you imagine how bad the test would be if you had a broken leg?


Martin said...

I took a law exam once without being able to move my head, and every other law exam I've ever taken hasn't involved any physical exertion, hands and wrists and brain aside.

Having said that, I've not taken the bar exam. What's so different? Do you have to do the can-can?

p.s. Thanks for posting at nice sociable hours where I can get my response in first!

Cathy said...

I say next time your "true love" drops a heavy object on his foot - (perhaps a weight that he hasn't used or moved in years), you make him take a test - before driving him to the hospital....

Then he may understand.

Glad you did not throw yourself into traffic me - the studying and exam won't be as bad as when you agree to have the second child :)

momma of 2 said...

the exam can't be that bad (granted I've never taken it.)but getting hit by a truck has got to hurt....

vani said...

the exam must be bad if you are willing to get hit by a

Leesa said...

Wow..too funny.

Jaime said...

Hrmmm... I think getting hit might actually be worth getting out of taking the test.
Just my opinion.