Thursday, April 28, 2005

one man's brilliance

I'll have to say that my husband has always astounded me with his knowledge and intelligence. I remember sitting in law school, listening to him tell the aged professors that they were wrong about some arbitrary legal theory. Back then he was just the blond guy at the end of the row that used to lean back when I walked by in order to cop a cheap feel. I usually agreed with him, but it was certainly never anything I could have come up with off the cuff.

But he has taken to new levels.

Today he came home from the podiatrist's office with a doctor's note saying he could not, and I quote, "mow the lawn." That's right. I was breathless. The brilliance of it practically took me off me feet.

So there I was, mowing the lawn tonight.


jen lemen said...


jen lemen said...

on second thought. we have photoshop. how bout fixing you up with a doctor's note that says you have a bad back and need daily physical therapy? i hear they take insurance at elizabeth arden's red door.

B said...

That so does not surprise me. And I can just picture the grin on his face and the little chuckle as he gave it to you.