Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Enough with this, Goldilocks

Last night I was too cold to put the baby back in his bed in the middle of the night and God forbid his father do it. The child then proceeded to cry and whine all night long. It's OK, cause sleep is SO overrated.

We were crowding him.
He couldn't get close enough.
He was too hot.
He was too cold.
His feet got tangled in the covers.
He wanted to sleep with his head on my pillow--his BIG FAT HEAD on my pillow.
He wanted me off what was now HIS pillow.
He wanted to stand up.
He was too tired to lay back down.
I had the gall to turn my back to him.
I was bugging him by facing him.
He didn't want to go to sleep.
He didn't want to wake up.

I need the Give-the-Gypsies-A-Baby hotline number. Anyone got it?


Random Vixen said...

And that is why no matter now tired I was I always got my ass out of bed and put C1 in her crib. Less agony on my part.

Jaime said...

The dog is looking at me like I'm retarded b/c I'm laughing so hard right now.