Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dirty Little Secret

After a weekend of winery tours, bellinis in stretch limos and gourmet meals, I settled in tonight to catch up on my latest vice--Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.

Don't think that the patheticism of my attraction to this train wreck of a show has escaped me or those closest to me. I was so enthralled that when the baby started to heckle the tv, I screamed at him to be quiet to I could hear whatever horrible thing was about to come out of Fabian Basabe's mouth. Fabian Basabe of Barbara Bush fame.

So many choices, I'll have to pick "I will never again feel bad for those less fortunate than me." This was said after he spent 4 hours failing to properly read a topographical map that clearly showed where the object of his search--Coke--was located. As the son of a "wealthy Ecuadorian businessman" who seems to have made his money from some indeterminable manner, I'm guessing that "Coke" would be pretty easy for Basabe to find. The only thing shocking was that he was unable to contact someone with a helicopter to pick him up so he could look for the bucket from a vantage point whereby he is most comfortable--above everyone else.

Will Alex Quinn save himself for Brittny Gastineau or will he continue to pass the time with Courtenay Semel? Will Fabian continue to threaten to sue everyone and to make random calls to 911 when he gets pissed off?

Will I ever get a life?


Marel Lecone said...

Hey, don't knock your commentary. This was all very informative for me.

When you wrote "of Barbara Bush fame".

I was thinking George's mama. Really.

Thanks for clearing it all up for me.

heehee :)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Don't feel bad...I'm a "Survivor" junkie myself...;)

Katya said...

i love tv like that, hubby thinks i'm totally mad


vani said...

lol- i wish i had time to watch tv- damn rugrats!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok..i am lost..i have no bloody clue what your talking about..i am guessing it is some sort of realtiy i right?/

i must say last night when i could not sleep i found myself watching "saving Boniducue" something like that on vh1..its about danny bondaucies train wreck of a dont feel bad;)

momma of 2 said...

I watch Desp. Housewives... so yeah - I sorta understand this obession...

PBS said...

I've never heard of that show but do have a set of TV shows I like and watch!

amy said...

Oh praise ye! I have caught an episode or two of this particular show and while I do enjoy the trainwreck that is "Breaking Bonaduce," I can see why you'd enjoy this.

I do however, wish they'd put "Celebrity Charades" (or whatever it was called) back on. That was priceless. Those guys are IDIOTS! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the show, but I have seen ads for it. It seems like a perfectly decent reality show. What could be a guiltier pleasure than seeing arrogant rich kids roughing it?

It makes us feel like our relative poverty might not be so bad, if the alternative is to be a twit.

Robin said...

I have my own reality tv "dirty secrets", such as Surreal Life and The Biggest Loser. I feel your shame.

Katya said...

hiya, i'm moving my blog from tomorrow to


Kristen said...

Marelle--OK, so it was Fabian and Barbara Sr. Can you even imagine that? Ugh.

Stacy--you and my mother. If I had a penny for every time she asks, "So did you see Survivor last night?" I have never seen one show. lol

Katya--I'll beat that husband up

Vani--Damn rugrats

Christina--it's on E! You have to watch it. You would love it.

Momma--I'm addicted to DH too.

PBS--you should check it out

Amy--my interest is piqued. I'm off to find it

Anon--I would hardly call hairdryers and someone cooking for you as roughing it. It is amazing how much stuff they have done for them and they still complain. If I had three squares made for me everyday, I would NEVER complain...

Robin--thanks for empathizing

katya--I'll visit there...

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