Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a visit to Costco on the hottest day of the year

I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. I love it because it has nearly everything I need in life to survive and be happy--bottled water, beef, strawberries, tricolored peppers, paper towels, toilet paper, books and baby wipes. Really, do I need more than that? I hate Costco because I can never get out of there without spending all my money.

So I was loading up the car yesterday in the parking lot in the 100 degree heat (with all those extremely necessary items like the Drumstick ice cream cones) as the girl beside me was loading hers. When she was finished she remarked how well-behaved E was in the cart. I replied that I thought he might be paralyzed from the heat. She laughed.


blue2go said...

Or totally tuckered out! That's cute!

momma of 2 said...

You have Costco - we have Sam's Club, we have never gotten out of that store without spending at least $100...LOL.

Little one is so cute.

Marel Lecone said...

This is too funny. Three conversations in about 24 hours about Costco. I'll say what I have said to the other people.

We po'. Therefore, we don't go.

Oops. There I go rhyming again.:)

Hoping E stays cool today.:)

amy said...

We have a BJs near our house and we go all the time. It's also amazing to us if we're able to get out of there with less than $100. I just don't think it's ever happened to anyone ... but I wouldn't trade it for shopping with the old folks at the Stop n' Shop for anything!

Robin said...

We don't have Costco here, just Sam's Club, which has the exact same wallet sucking, brain numbing effect. We never get out of there for under a couple hundred duckets. But where else can you buy a 300 pack of Tampax, a 1 gallon jug of mayonnaise, AND a sofa??

J.P. said...

Did they have to demolish anyone’s home to make way for this particular Costco?

Kristen said...

blue--maybe it's the valium I am giving him LOL

Momma of 2--thanks for visiting. And thanks for thinking the baby is cute

Marelle--it's all about the rhyme

Amy--Luckily money grows on trees, right?

Robin--it's the mayo/sofa combo that gets you every time

Ab--ain't nobody living in this section of town