Friday, July 22, 2005

Romantical dinners and shower shoes

Tonight was our first official night out after dropping the baby off with our friends Renee, A and baby Alex. A sort of exchange, I think this could become a dirty habit.

So I told my little sister about this exciting turn of events and her first question is, "What are you going to wear?"

I instantly thought that a queen size flat sheet from the bed might be about right, but I decided on the only pair of pants I have that fit. I was looking hot. Real hot.

Until halfway to Renee's when I looked down and realized that I hadn't changed out of my terry shower shoes before I left. Derek made some comment about being embarrassed about me once again. This coming from a man who is still wearing the same tshirts from college.

I was mortified. But it is amazing how two appletinis can fix any problem.


steelcowboy said...

My usual attire consists of a Harley Tee shirt and a pair of Wranglers. Boots, too :)
Best not ask me 'bout high fashion.

Marel Lecone said...

Yay, for liqour. heehee I am going for the Old Navy flip flops look this year whenever possible. So go on with those shoes, girl!:)

Jenn said...

If the Northwestern Lacrosse team can wear flip-flops to the White House ....

MB said...

One year I had to have toe surgery. Yes, toe surgery. I could not wear shoes for months. I got the only thing that I could wear that didn't hurt that darn toe and they were Tiva sandals. Gross. Well There I was at Hubby's college reunion thingy and I was hoping no one would notice the sandals and someone came over and said, "Wow! I love your sandals!" So see, to each their own!

Kristen said...

Steel--nothing wrong with Harley t's

Marelle--can't beat a
pair of $2.99 shoes

Jenn--Most of them didn't even look like flip flops to me--who died and made that woman in Chicago the fashion police?

MB--Tivas are mighty comfortable!