Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Phone conversation with Ginny about the pope and why you should NEVER bear big news on a cell phone.

My mom can't get news at her office. Unauthorized access of the internet or receipt of non-work emails is punishable by death. So I called to tell her about Benedict XVI.

GH--So, were you surprised that this one was picked?
KH--Well, he was the pope's bitch.
GH--The pope's snitch?
KH--The pope's BITCH.
GH--Pope's snitch?
GH--Oh, Kristen. You are so bad.

Come to think of it, the pope's snitch is probably fitting as well.

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YMGH said...

OK smart-mouth...I CAN get the news if I wanted to but remember I don't work for the government, so I have to work all day! That's why I count on you!!