Monday, April 18, 2005

Babies and bars

First it was happy hour on Thursday. A dear friend was leaving the madness of the Fed and was leaving for a real job at another agency. We decided to celebrate at an outdoor restaurant/bar in DC, a couple of blocks from the office. I told Derek that I would drive into the District, pick him up from work and he could take Baby E to Caribou Coffee while I got loaded up at HH.

Well, Derek decided to "swing by" HH to wish Dave well in his new job. The guys all asked him to sit down for a drink. Two hours and God only knows how many pitchers later, we are all sitting in a big circle outside, baby in tow. It was about that time that I glanced around and noticed two women in their 50's, giving me the nastiest looks.

I brought out my favorite southern drawl for the occassion, "oh, my God, who takes a baby to a bar???"

I prefer "outside cafe, with alcohol libations"

Then there was the brew pub in Alexandria.
When we walked in the door at 7:15 on Saturday night, a guy belly up to the bar said, "Well that'll drive the average consumer age down in here." Good beer.

Finally was baby's first trip (outside the womb) to a Virginia vineyard. OK, so it isn't Napa, but we are doing the best we can here. With a great lunch packed, we threw the baby into the car and were off to visit Pearmund Cellars.

We stumbled onto their barrel tasting event and the rest is history.

I see a pattern here that may be cause for concern.


patience said...

oh my god...i love this blog, so, so much!
and might i add, jackie-boy had his fair share of bar experiences and beer pong parties before his 1st birthday.

Kristen said...

Ethan needs a t-shirt...
I learned this from Jackie-boy