Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Probably not what the girl bargained for

This morning my husband was filling out a recommendation form for a girl that took his class last semester. He mentioned that she was apparently trying to get into a study abroad program in London and she asked for a recommendation from him.

K: What's the program?
D: Hell if I know. This form is bullshit.
K: Does she realize that she has put her life/future in the hands of a total slacker?
D: This form even asks about her proficiency in English.
K: Do you even remember who she was from last semester?
D: I think so.
K: Is she a native English speaker? (a valid question for his class)
D: She's American.
K: Then why are you bitching about about the proficiency question?
D: I think I am going to write that she has excellent American English skills.
K: Why do you have to solidify Britain's poor opinion of us?
D: How do you spell "cultural?"
K: Oh Lord.
D: How do you spell "receive?"

This girl isn't gonna even be able to get into an MTV Spring Break party at this rate.


Fantastagirl said...

LOl... I love this...sometimes I think those letter of recommendation are total bull - this just proves it.

amy said...

Maybe she's applying for Real World London #2?

AL said...

I can attest that many of these letters, etc. are bull. Some times students come to me for a reference and I don't have much to say, so I just list their "skills" and activities to get them one.

I do feel sorry for the girl - she probably felt he would give a good one!