Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Words you never want to hear from your mother

So we were at Jen's house this weekend helping her move (ok, at this point we were just lounging around, doing nothing) when we had a baby-overheating incident. Explain to me how I am supposed to keep this kid cool without sticking ice packs under his arms on a hot day.

So he is whiny and someone gets the brilliant idea to stick him in the cooler. Derek went into the kitchen, put some cold water in it and brought it back outside. I stripped off what little clothes he had on and put him in. That was when my mother piped up.

"Buddy, I am so sorry that these people are your parents."

Hey, mom, it's not like I grabbed the full cooler, took out a couple of beers to make room and put him down on ice.

Come to think of it, that would have been the PERFECT solution.


Jagger said...

I hate when parents get like that, and I agree, it probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to throw him into the ice chest.

jen said...

sorry, it was my idea. and if you remember correctly, i suggested the ice with a blanket over it.
really, don't you think we were just being creative? because bored people are boring? if it applies apply it, if not ignore it.

Kristen said...

I'll have you know that mom is taking credit for the idea now.