Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One dog's intelligence

Or lack thereof.

So we decided to can green beans tonight. Not ordinary green beans, but special ones that stick out of Bloody Marys on weekends. This would be a FABulous idea if I liked Bloody Marys. Or green beans, for that matter. But Derek has been inspired by Bonnie Moore (who we saw tonight, per chance, at Whole Foods, doing her personal shopping--she stopped to tell us we had a beautiful baby and I told her that my husband was stalking her via every class she teaches--just kidding, I figure she'll figure out the stalking on her own--really, if your husband's fantasy is an award-winning chef, how do you lose?), all due to a recent canning class at Sur La Table.

So we were outside snapping the green beans when I realized how intellectually-challenged Zinni truly is. Derek was snapping off the tops of the green beans and throwing them to Zin. He was catching EVERY SINGLE ONE, chewing on it for a sec, and then spitting it out. Since there were 2 1/2 pounds of green beans, you do the math.

Did he think that Derek was switching to steak every other bean? WTH? I watched him and thought about every single person that told me that Zinni was such a smart dog. And how very wrong every single person was.

Derek called it the actions of the eternal optimist. Spoken like the eternal optimist himself.

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