Thursday, June 30, 2005

New developments at Chateau Cookie

My husband told me that he felt like I wasn't respecting his "babies" because I was not photographing their growth. That would be the hops growing up the side of the house. His babies. For the love of God and country, what the hell is he talking about and how does he expect me to get anything done if he sits in front of that damn XBox playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas from the second he gets home until he goes to bed?

Moving on...E has discovered that he cannot put EVERY part of his body into his mouth (so many things to say, but I'm just going to let it lie) and he also discovered the inside of Zinni's mouth. This went remarkably better than expected. As a new mother you have all manner of visions of your dog (who couldn't harm anything on his best day) suddenly go rabid and biting your child's arm off. Actually, Zinni foolishly yawned within E's reach and E caught sight of those pearly canines and the big red tongue with the black spot on it. In went his hand. I figured that I would just ride it out and sure enough, Zin just kept his mouth patiently open while E checked it all out with his entire hand and forearm in Zinni's mouth.

Zin had THE MOST BORED LOOK on his face and I could hear his pea-brain saying, "Could you just get his arm out of my mouth?" Oops.

"That's enough, E. Let Zinni close his mouth."


Marel Lecone said...

Oh, so the tree out back is something he is actually growing on purpose. You know, I don't know much about beer brewing. So, that tree has some purpose in the whole process, it being Hops, and all?

Well, if I had known that!! I would have been asking for daily updates on its growth progress!!

And, I LOVE ZINNI! Oh, maybe someday you can go into the origins of his name again. Pretty funny for a dog. Perhaps that would be more insight into you and Derek.

Katya said...

i am growing pumpkins, i wish i'd chronicled their growth...i am so sad *hangs head in shame* lol


Robin said...

When Max was a baby, he used to crawl over to Olive, open his mouth, and proceed to let her french kiss him. Ick. I remeber the Ped. telling me that our dog's mouth was cleaner than our own. How can that be, considering I don't eat my own feces???? Ick.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

too motel for the night..wanted to drop bye and say hi..have a good weekend:)

Kristen said...

Marelle, it's the vines growing on the side of the house. Personally I think they look like weeds but who am I to judge?

Katya--the joke here is that you will get pumpkins in the end, regardless of whether or not you chronicled them--we, however, will probably not get workable hops--but don't tell Derek

Robin--that crap about a dog's mouth kills me. I am with you as to how the tongue that licks where balls used to be is in fact cleaner that mine. I'm thinking not so much

Christina--I wish I was in a hotel tonight. Enjoy.

Humor Girl said...

NOOO!! You see, this is why women should rule the world! We would say there is no such thing as x-box and everyone would be happy! :)

blue2go said...

Oh, they're so cute at that age, exploring everything!