Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Brewing Beer

Years of education and for some reason I have it in my head now that I should brew beer in the basement and sell it to the overpaid and overprivileged in NoVA and NW DC. I spent the day at my government job surfing the net for brewing supplies. My husband, always having to show me up, sent me an email with 10 links to places that sell the heavy duty equipment. I was sending him links to an aluminum pot that brews 20 gallons and he was forwarding the 465 gallon sets.

Do I think too small? Or perhaps it was the $205 price tag versus the $41,000 price tag?

I shared the good news of my new career path with my mother, my favorite teetotaler. Her pause was pronounced. I realized then that perhaps this was not in her dreams for her little girl. But this scheme is foolproof. It's not like I'm looking to just turn a buck. This is an untapped market. A veritable goldmine.

I think I have lost what is left of my mind.

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