Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The love of a sister

Yesterday I was discussing all manner of things with my sister. Because I am to ride on a big airplane today, I brought the conversation into the direction I usually take--death.

K: You know if something happens to us, you are going to get the baby.
J: WE LOVE THE BABY. Not that we would want anything to happen to the two of you. Of course.
K: Yeah, right, thanks. But I feel like I should have some stipulations on this. You know those people that leave their dog to someone with the stipulation that the dog must get a hot dog every night for dinner. Or a brand new Burberry sweater every Christmas.
J: You want me to give the Boo a hot dog every night?
K: No, I just don't want him to turn out wacked like the rest of you. This makes me nervous.
J: OK, so what do you want? Do you want us to NOT talk about politics?
K: No, that's OK. Living with you guys is like sending the kid to Berkeley. All that liberal crap and he'll be the head of the Gymboree Republican's Club.
J: So?
K: You can't nurse him.
J: What? I'm not going to do that. (acting like this is ridiculous)
K: And he can't cosleep with you and Dave from now until he is 7. No matter what he says or how kindly he asks.
J: Fine. (in a voice oozing with, "you'll be dead anyway so how would you ever know.") This is very good news. You had better watch your back, sista.

Who says that to their sister? She so likes that baby better than me.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...


I wish I had a sister...I don't eve get to have those kind of conversations....;)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...


I meant "I don't ever get to have those kind of conversations!!!"

Can I go home now????



amy said...

I'd be happy to give my two sisters to Stacy so she can have scary conversations. My sisters would corrupt my kids (you know, the ones I don't have yet) so badly I wouldn't want to live.

Your sister does kind of scare me though with her honesty.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

get use to it....they all the them better than us..

babies..whats not to love?

um, will your sisiter take mine??? Mine is not capaibale of raising her own!!LMAO

Magpie said...

i imagine my conversation with my auntie (who asked me to be a godparent) going something like that...only asking me not to buy him marilyn manson at soon as he hits puberty...lol


Random Vixen said...

My mom claims she had similar converstaions with her 4 siblings when i was still a minor becuase her death and whomever got me also got a cool million. they had argements of how to get the money and get me not to go to college later since i was the smart one.

I on the other hand just told my mom in the event of my death if her father actually takes c1 willingly to remeber my money doesn't go with her.

momma of 2 said...

My two wonderful children will be going to live with my baby brother and his wife... my sisters almost killed me when they found that out!

vani said...

if my kids grew up with my hubby's side of the fam- they would be the brady bunch kids...my side, whole different story! lol