Saturday, April 16, 2005

Everyone's got an opinion

You know, before I had a baby, I used to remember my sisters complaining about how strangers would stop them in the street or at the store to give them a word of mothering advice.

I had a bit of this myself when I was pregnant. When busted drinking a VERY SMALL glass of homebrew that Derek had carefully portioned out according to allowances by the New England Journal of Medicine's study on alcohol consumption during pregnancy, I had a friend ask if this was OK for the baby.

"I find a little bit of beer takes the edge off the cocaine."

Some people don't have a sense of humor....

But back to the story. I'm in Wegman's yesterday, buying haddick for the lastest cooking craze at Chez Tronquet--Fish and Chips. E was in his carrier with a blanket draped over him to keep out all the light and hopefully to keep him asleep for the duration of the shopping adventure. Out of the blue comes a blue hair with an opinion.

BH--Your baby's feet are sticking out.
KH--I know. Aren't they cute?
BH--He might get cold.
KH--Actually, he was cranky earlier because I dressed him for 40 degree weather instead of 65 degree weather. Do you want to see him? (with that I lifted the edge of the blanket)
KH--Isn't he cute?
BH--But his feet might get cold.
KH--(realizing that I might be stuck here in front of the shallots for a very long time...) Would YOU feel better if I covered his feet?
BH--(with a dramatic sigh) I WOULD.

With that I covered his feet. Sometimes life is too short to argue over cold feet in the produce section.

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jen lemen said...

gotta love those blue hairs.
mother is vicariously giving a huge sigh of relief in sweltering florida.